Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Easy To Build?
Yes it is!
You may have seen other solar grills that require
a PhD to build and operate, but
this one is a snap!  
All of the hard work is done for you!
Plus!  The High Quality Solar Grill is designed to be
built with a few basic tools!

How Big Is It?
The finished grill folds to fit in an area no bigger than an
overnight suitcase and weighs less than 20 lbs.

Is It Good For The Environment?
Yes it is!  Sunlight is a

Is It Powerful?
Yes it is!  
With it's high performance solar coating
the High Quality Solar Grill really performs!
The solar concentrator can capture
as much power as a microwave oven!
By concentrating sunlight,
the High Quality Solar Grill produces maximum temperatures!

Is It Easy To Use?
Yes it is!
By simply adjusting the grill height
the High Quality Solar Grill can DEFROST, SIMMER, FRY,
and even BROIL your favorite foods!

How long will it take to set up my grill?
It takes less than one minute to unfold your grill, aim it, and begin cooking!
Try that with Charcoal!  

What kinds of foods can I cook on my grill?
If you can cook the food on a range or oven, then you can cook it on this grill.
Baking, Boiling, Broiling, Stewing, Frying, Deep Frying, even Smoking!  
We're not kidding!  You can smoke foods with your solar grill!  
Rice, No Problem!  Steaks, No Problem!  Soups and Drinks, No Problem!  
It's all in the FREE Solar Cooking Guide and Recipe Book, included in your kit.    

Will I Need Special Pots and Pans?
The High Quality Solar Grill uses regular kitchen pots and pans!
We'll show you how to pick the best pans for solar cooking!.
We'll tell you what to use, where to get it, and how to use it!

What Will I Need To Build My
High Quality Solar Grill?
The only tools you need are a drill, hobby knife, sandpaper, glue, and tape.
The parts required are a used satellite dish, a few small strips of metal, and an inexpensive
tripod style camp stove.  The tripod is available at larger retailers for around $20 USD.  
Satellite dishes are often put by the side of the road so you can get your dish for FREE! It's all in our  
Complete Solar Grill Building Manual and Users Guide!

High Quality Solar
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Cocoa, FL 32926
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