Making Solar Box Cookers
By Anne Clarke

One of the most important things I want to
emphasize is that even the smallest amounts
of effort to improve the concerning
environmental condition of this planet can
add up to be quite substantial. More and more
people are getting involved with the
multiplying efforts and endeavors to preserve
the environment of our planet and combat the
effects of global warming.

Making solar cookers has become a popular
hobby for camping, for cooking outdoors and
simply for fun! A solar cooker, obviously,
requires no electrical energy and is therefore
wonderful for the environment. As a matter of
fact, someone making his or her own solar
box cockers is a great way for someone to
drop his or her nickel in the jar, so to speak.

In the same way that someone may be
inclined to use candles, shut off all the lights,
or even harvest solar, wind or hydraulic
energy making solar cookers (whether
directly or indirectly) is in the best interest of
the environment.

From people who love to go camping to
people who just like the idea of making an
outdoor solar cooker – the making of solar
box cookers is a blooming hobby. It’s not just
a cool gadget that will help you warm the beef
patties on the fire. Instead, many home –
designed solar cookers can bake bread,
cakes, meatloaf – and any number of recipes.

In other words the simplicity of the device
juxtaposed with the complexity of its
potential is intriguing enough to have
captured the interest of many. Perhaps you
are beginning to heighten your interest or
perhaps you are already a solar box – cooker
maker, either way – it is a great idea that is
only one of many great ideas. With simple
and reliable technology such as the solar
heater, solar panel, and solar cooker,
developing rapidly – we can work together to
help save the environment.

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